I am a retired teacher, avid bible student, and sometime philosopher, who loves the outdoors, including gardening and kayaking on the beaver pond, biking and walking. I come from a long line of English language nuts. We have great fun with the news, let me tell you.
I volunteer at several organizations and have trained a Miniature Dachsund as a registered Therapy Dog. We visit the local exercise rehab facility. Merlin also does Read to Rover at the local elementary school, where children read to him to improve their reading skills.
For 22 years I  studied the Bible with Community Bible Study, an in-depth study which emphasizes 4 ways to learn each lesson. It’s a great way to dig deep and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you. It gives me the discipline to keep on. I enjoyed the fellowship of the women so much. It is not like any ‘club’ I’ve belonged to – no gossip, no one can talk about their church or anyone else, just the Bible and what the Lord has done in their lives.

I have been married for 36 years and have 2 married adult children. As the middle of 5 children, I learned to observe and negotiate. I hope my musings will uplift and inspire. May God bless you in the reading of my words.

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