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The Prudent Response

I’ve been deeply affected by the news events of the last week. We expected the upset of the political scene, since it became clear during the weeks up to The Election that we are not one nation, but two. One side wants to move further away from the tenets of the past, towards a new progressive wave of the future. The other wants to challenge traditional politics and make America great again with less politically correct ideals, and more business-like running of this country. The tension I expected. The lawlessness and hatred I did not.

Where did we get the idea that violence and ill will wins people to our position? When did we lose ‘good sportsmanship’  that accepts, “You win some, you lose some”?  This puzzles me, and troubles me not a little.

What disturbs me most is that protesters act as though they have no hope. They act as though life as they know it has suddenly ended because their candidate didn’t win, that they will not be happy unless they can somehow force it not to be so.

In the words of  Star Trek’s The Borg, “Resistance is Futile”, it is not going to turn out that way.

Someone wisely said about this election, “Neither party ended up with what they wanted.”

I have had the privilege, no, the honor, to vote in every election since I became eligible to vote. I study the candidates to become informed, and I take my right to vote very seriously; my great-grandmothers never had that right, and I am sure it rankled their intelligent minds that they didn’t have the choice. I took my children with me into the voting booth from a very young age, and I taught them that their vote is important, that every vote counts, and that it is their duty to carry out their responsibility with prayer and careful consideration. If you don’t vote, you have no say. Those who are protesting may be surprised to know this, but there were many in their party who did not vote in this election. They were so certain of the outcome that they stayed home.

My candidate of choice didn’t always win. I had serious reservations about some whom I didn’t back. I was disturbed, but not concerned that our country would collapse. I had a ‘trust-but-verify’ view of the process, knowing that we would still carry on. And I was right; our country survived despite these officials who were not my candidate, but they were my president.

The success of our government is that it was developed by the wisdom of our Founding Fathers to ensure that whoever is elected cannot have free reign to institute his policies. The system of checks and balances ensures a right to vote against changes that are unacceptable. That means if we didn’t win, we still have a say; the members of our party  vote on our behalf in the Senate and the House. It’s a beautiful system, and has stood us well for 140 years, and there is no reason to believe that it will not work well under the new administration in 2017.

So what should we as proper citizens do?

First of all, don’t trust in a person; trust God. Have faith  our government will function as it should and you too will carry on. Second, keep your peace. Be an agent for change, but go about it legally and sensibly through proper channels. Strive for unity in all you do. Thirdly, turn from evil and do good. Repent and turn to God. Choose the path He has given for you to live. This is the only way that God will bless us as a nation. We greatly need His blessing and His favor.

Finally, respect the office of the President of the United States. Pray for the men and women of this new administration, that they will use wisdom of God, and not of man.

When all is said and done, when he is inaugurated in January, he will be our President.

And we will survive. Others in the past were saddened seeing those they backed lose, but they accepted it and moved on.

Besides, it’s the season of love and thankfulness. It’s about time we got over it.