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An Unexpected Revelation

As a treat for working long hours this spring, my husband took me to Washington, D.C. We stayed at a lovely hotel, a mile from The Capitol. Each day we fortified ourselves for lots of walking with a great Continental breakfast and then headed for The Mall. We didn’t try to see everything, but we managed to see the high parts of each venue we entered. For instance, in the National Gallery of Art, we viewed only our favorites, the Renaissance painters, the Dutch Masters, the English landscape painters, and the French Impressionists.  We were  in D.C. just one full day and two half days, so we had to be judicious about our choices. By doing so, we were able to see The National Botanical Gardens, The Museum of Natural History, The National Gallery of Art, The Air and Space Museum, and The Museum of American History.

As we walked, we remarked about the prevalence of languages other than English that we heard all around us. It suddenly occurred to me that we live less than two hours away, and we have only been here once in thirty-three years, whereas tourists from all over the world had come at great cost to see our national treasure.

And, oh, how they enjoyed it! I stopped several times to take group shots so that the photographer could join the group, realizing that I am not often in our own trip shots, because I am our family’s picture historian. After the picture was taken and cameras were returned, the reward was deep smiles of joy when they looked at the image of themselves before a monument of their choice.

My husband and I decided then and there that we are going back. There is too much there that we have not seen that others have made great sacrifice to come to enjoy.